Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Flooring in more detail

Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Flooring in more detail

This entry was posted on February 23, 2021 by sam elliott

Horizontal and Vertical bamboo flooring are made in similar ways but have a very different appearance.  Both are made using strips of bamboo, but the flooring is constructed in different ways to produce different grain and knot patterns. Other than that, they are very similar types of flooring. They are both as hard as Oak flooring, giving you a durable and hard-wearing floor covering.  Both can be fitted in the same way and are easy to look after. Bamboo is also a great sustainable alternative to hardwood flooring.


What is horizontal bamboo flooring?

Horizontal bamboo flooring is made from thin strips of bamboo, which have been glued together horizontally.  The end result is a wide grain pattern, showing off the beauty of the bamboo.  Horizontal bamboo really gives you an insight into the distinctive knots and the elegance of the bamboo grain pattern.  


What is vertical bamboo flooring?

Vertical bamboo flooring is again made from thin strips of bamboo, but this time they have been glued together vertically. Here, the end result is a narrow and streamlined grain pattern.  Vertical bamboo flooring gives you a glimpse of the grain and knot pattern but in a much more subtle way.


What are the similarities between the two types of flooring?

• Both can be found in a natural colour or carbonised effect.

• You can either glue the planks down or float the flooring over an underlay.

• Both have a satin matt lacquer and a smooth finish.

• They are both as hard as Oak flooring.

• You will find them both easy to look after and keep clean.

• Both have matching bamboo flooring accessories.


What are the differences between horizontal and vertical bamboo flooring?

  • With horizontal bamboo flooring you will see a wider grain pattern with the knots of the bamboo visible.
  • Vertical bamboo flooring has a narrow grain pattern.



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