Is bamboo flooring suitable for a conservatory?

Is bamboo flooring suitable for a conservatory?

Is bamboo flooring suitable for a conservatory?

This entry was posted on October 4, 2023 by chris elliott

Yes, bamboo flooring is suitable for use in a conservatory, or room with a large amount of glazing. It is durable, stable and extremely versatile.  Planks of bamboo flooring have been designed and created specifically to be able to withstand changes in humidity and temperature. As conservatories are continually fluctuating in temperature, bamboo is the perfect choice of flooring.


Which bamboo flooring can I use in my conservatory?

You can use any type of bamboo flooring in your conservatory.  All types will give you a stable floor covering that can withstand the fluctuations in temperature present in a glazed area.

There are a few different options you could choose from, including different colours, patterns and styles.  Either have a browse of our website, order some samples and choose your favourite, or have a look below for some of the most popular choices.


Most popular types of bamboo flooring


Natural Strand Woven bamboo flooring

Here you would be getting the strongest type of bamboo flooring in a natural colour of bamboo (golden and blonde tones).


Carbonised Vertical bamboo flooring

Thin strips of bamboo have been glued together vertically to give you a wide and distinctive grain patter.  The strips of bamboo have been smoked to give it a warm brown, coffee colour.


Parquet block bamboo flooring

Smaller blocks of bamboo that can be laid in a number of different geometric patterns. You also have the choice of four different colours: natural, carbonised, stone grey or chestnut.


Carbonised Rustic bamboo flooring

This is perfect if you are looking for a more rustic looking floor.  The carbonised bamboo has black streaks added to give an authentic and rustic appearance.


Antique Taupe bamboo flooring

Can’t decide between a brown or grey floor?  Taupe is the perfect option as it combines both!


Order you free samples here.

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