New Products: Stone Grey and Chestnut Brown Strand Woven Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

New Products: Stone Grey and Chestnut Brown Strand Woven Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on February 13, 2019 by chris elliott

Our extremely popular strand woven parquet block bamboo flooring is now available in two new colours: Stone Grey and Chestnut Brown.  Bamboo parquet block flooring is extremely versatile.  You can create different geometric patterns with the blocks of flooring.


The actual parquet blocks are made by weaving strands of bamboo fibres together.  This construction method gives the flooring additional strength and stability.  


Stone Grey Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

Stone Grey parquet block is a medium grey colour.  The parquet blocks are made with strand woven bamboo.  During the manufacturing process the surface of the blocks have been distressed to create a textured appearance.  Next the stone grey colour stain is applied and then the blocks are finished off with a matt lacquer with anti-slip properties. 


Chestnut Brown Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring

Chestnut parquet block is a rich, dark brown colour.  The surface of the blocks of bamboo have been distressed, leaving a rustic and textured appearance.  The blocks have then been coated with a chestnut colour stain.  Finally, they are finished with a matt anti-slip lacquer.


Why should I choose parquet block bamboo flooring?

Here are some of the reasons why we think you should choose parquet block bamboo flooring:

• Firstly, beautiful geometric patterns can be created with the blocks of flooring

• Adds character and charisma to any room

• Also, it is extremely hard wearing and durable (twice as hard as Oak)

• Easy to look after

• Compatible with underfloor heating

• Beautiful colours to choose from

• Furthermore, it can be used in almost any room in your home

• You can also use the floor in commercial premises

• In addition, bamboo is environmentally friendly and sustainable


For more information about parquet block flooring, have a look at our article: What is parquet block bamboo flooring?

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