Quick Guide to Distressed Bamboo Flooring

Quick Guide to Distressed Bamboo Flooring

Quick Guide to Distressed Bamboo Flooring

This entry was posted on March 23, 2020 by chris elliott

Distressed bamboo flooring relates to the surface finish of the planks of bamboo flooring.  The surface of the planks have a textured and distressed feel.  This gives a rustic and authentic appearance.  The distressing process takes place during the manufacturing stage of the bamboo flooring. 

The planks are intentionally textured and then a matt lacquer is added to protect the surface from daily wear and tear. 


Why should I choose bamboo flooring that is distressed?

Distressed bamboo flooring can be the perfect choice for any residential or commercial property.  It is hard wearing and durable so ideal for busy areas such as hallways, living spaces and kitchens.  The bamboo used is actually over twice as hard as Oak flooring. The distress marks give a unique character and style while enhancing the natural beauty of the bamboo. There are a range of colours to choose from including:

Pebble Strand Woven Distressed Bamboo

Stone Grey Strand Woven Distressed Bamboo

Carbonised Strand Woven Brushed Bamboo

Chestnut Strand Woven Distressed Bamboo

All of our distressed bamboo floors have a click fitting system.  This allows them to be installed easily.  You have the choice of either floating the floor over an underlay or fixing it directly down to the subfloor.  If you are using distressed bamboo flooring in a commercial property, it must be glued down to the subfloor to give additional strength. 


Quick guide to distressed bamboo

• The surface of the bamboo has been intentionally distressed

• The textured surface adds character and authenticity

• Strand woven bamboo is used which makes the floor extremely hard wearing

• In addition, you can use it in most rooms in your home

• It can also be used in commercial areas

• Distressed bamboo comes in a variety of colours

• It has a click system so is easy to install

• You can use distressed bamboo with underfloor heating systems

• Finally, once installed it is easy to clean and maintain


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