Solid Bamboo Flooring Guide

Solid Bamboo Flooring Guide

Solid Bamboo Flooring Guide

This entry was posted on June 9, 2022 by sam elliott

Solid bamboo flooring is also known as either horizontal or vertical bamboo flooring.  The planks are made from solid bamboo strips, bonded together horizontally or vertically to create two different grain patterns.  Horizontal bamboo flooring has a wider grain pattern, whereas vertical bamboo flooring a narrow grain pattern.  You will find two colours to choose from: natural and carbonised.


How is solid bamboo flooring made?

Thin strips of bamboo are glued together either horizontally or vertically. They are then compressed under extreme pressure to create solid planks of flooring. The tongue and groove fitting system is then added and a surface lacquer is then applied. Furthermore, by constructing the planks of bamboo in this way, the stability of the boards is similar to engineered hardwood flooring. If you look after and care for your flooring correctly, it can last a lifetime.  For tips and advice on cleaning your bamboo, have a read through: Guide to cleaning your bamboo floor. 


Where can it be used?

Solid bamboo flooring is a versatile and can be laid over almost any subfloor.  Also, you can float it over an underlay or fix it into position if you would prefer.  The planks have a tongue and groove fitting system, and can be used in most rooms in your home, including:

• Hallways

• Living rooms

• Bedrooms

• Home offices

• Kitchens

• Staircases – we have matching stair nosing accessories.


What alternatives are there?

If you are not sure about solid bamboo flooring, you may want to look at either:

Strand Woven Bamboo – it is over twice as hard as Oak flooring and extremely versatile.

Engineered Bamboo – with strand woven bamboo on the surface and a plywood base, the planks of flooring can be longer and wider.

Parquet Block Bamboo – smaller blocks that can be fitted in three different patterns; herringbone, basket weave or brick bond.


Finally, you can order free samples of any of our flooring which allows you to feel the quality and see the different colours in your own home.

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