Why Choose Bamboo?

Why Choose Bamboo?

Why Choose Bamboo?

This entry was posted on September 19, 2023 by sam elliott

Bamboo is a sustainable, smart and stylish flooring option.  It will add sophistication to your home, whilst giving you a natural floor covering at a cost-effective price. With bamboo you have a choice of a wide range of styles, colours and matching accessories, all of which are hardwearing, durable and eco-friendly.

Here are some reasons why we think you should choose bamboo.


Bamboo is hardwearing and durable

All types of bamboo are hardwearing and have a comparable strength to Oak flooring. If you are looking for something even more durable, then you should consider strand woven bamboo flooring, which is over twice as hard as Oak.  Strand woven bamboo has been designed and constructed in such a way the planks are perfect for busy areas, including hallways and living spaces, and even commercial properties.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass which can reach maturity in approximately 5 years, compared to at least 25 years for a hardwood tree.  The root of the bamboo grass self-regenerates meaning that when the bamboo is harvested, the root is not damaged and can continue to grow.  Also, the bamboo grows self-sufficiently, without the need for any chemicals, pesticides or any irrigation systems.


Bamboo is versatile

Bamboo is dimensionally stable, meaning that it can withstand fluctuations in temperatures and humidity.  This makes it the perfect choice for almost any room in your home (with the exception of wet areas like bathrooms and utility rooms).

Most types of bamboo flooring can be used with underfloor heating: see here for the full range.

You will notice that bamboo is available in a wide range of colours, styles and sizes.  We also have matching bamboo flooring accessories that will help you to add the finishing touches to your room.

Fitting bamboo flooring is quite straight forward.  Most bamboo has a click fitting system and can be floated over an underlay.  Read our Fitting Guide for more information.

Quick Guide: Why Choose Bamboo?

• You are choosing an eco-friendly and sustainable product

• Bamboo is a natural and beautiful looking floor

• It is hardwearing and durable, and perfect for busy areas

• Strand woven bamboo is over twice as hard as Oak

• There is plank or parquet block to choose from.

• You have a wide range of colours, styles and accessories to choose from

• Some types of bamboo flooring are compatible with underfloor heating

• Its versatility means that you can use it in almost any room in your home

• Bamboo is easy to install and can last a lifetime if cared for properly

• You can use it on your staircase

• It is really easy to keep clean and look after