Can I float my new bamboo floor?

Can I float my new bamboo floor?

Can I float my new bamboo floor?

This entry was posted on December 29, 2023 by chris elliott

Yes, you can float your new bamboo floor.  Both solid and engineered bamboo flooring can be floated over an underlay.  You may also hear people referring to floating a floor as ‘loose laying’. 


How do I float a bamboo floor?

Floating a bamboo floor is probably the quickest way to install it. Start by rolling out and cutting your underlay to size. Then you can start to fit your planks of flooring together. If you have tongue and groove planks, you should glue them together using WPVA.  If you have planks with a click fitting system, you would simply click and lock them together into place.  Both methods of installation provide a tight and secure fit which will give you a bamboo floor which is smooth and gap free.


Are there any bamboo floors that cannot be floated?

• The only type of bamboo flooring that cannot be floated is parquet block, which needs to be glued down to the subfloor.

• If you are fitting bamboo in a commercial property, then we would also suggest that you fix it directly to the subfloor (glue or secret nails) to give additional strength and stability.

• Finally, if you are fitting bamboo onto a staircase, it should be glued down and not floated.


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