Can I install bamboo flooring over concrete?

Can I install bamboo flooring over concrete?

This entry was posted on December 21, 2020 by sam elliott

Yes, concrete is an ideal base for bamboo flooring.  All types of bamboo flooring can either be glued down or floated over the concrete.  Although bamboo is a fairly resilient floor covering you will need to ensure that your concrete is fully prepared so that it is a sound base for the bamboo.


How should I prepare the concrete?

Preparing your concrete subfloor is an essential part of installing a bamboo floor. It must be flat, level, dry and clean.  You can check that your subfloor is level by using a straight edge or spirit level. Any unevenness that is more than 3mm needs to be levelled out with the appropriate compound. The most important part is to ensure the concrete is dry. If it is not, the moisture can rise up and affect the planks of bamboo flooring.  To check the moisture content of the concrete, you should use a digital hygrometer. The maximum level of relative humidity is 65%RH.  If your reading is above this it should be allowed further time to dry before being re-tested. Detailed information about this is outlined in every set of installation instructions, which must be adhered to.  


How do I install the bamboo flooring?

There are two ways that you can install bamboo over concrete; you can glue it down or float it over an underlay. If you want to glue the flooring down, you will need to use a flexible flooring adhesive.  This will allow your floor to naturally move, whilst still having a secure and firm bond. Firstly, you should secure the first row of flooring down. 

Once you are happy that this is straight, you can continue row by row, ensuring each plank has a full surface bond.  If you have click fitting bamboo, then you will simply click and lock the planks together. 

Alternatively, if you have tongue and groove flooring, you will just need to ensure the tongues fit into the grooves snugly. If you are floating your bamboo floor, you will need to choose the correct type of underlay. Roll out the underlay across the entire room, then start to lay your flooring.  With click fitting bamboo, simply click and lock the joints together.  If you are floating tongue and groove bamboo, you will need to also glue the joints with a WPVA adhesive to keep the planks together. With both methods you should ensure that you leave a sufficient expansion gap around the whole perimeter of the room and in doorways. 

Also, remember to stagger the planks so that you are left with a natural looking floor.

Always read the installation instructions that are in the boxes of bamboo flooring.  They can also be found on our website.  

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