Can I use a rug on my Bamboo Floor?

Can I use a rug on my Bamboo Floor?

Can I use a rug on my Bamboo Floor?

This entry was posted on January 3, 2024 by sam elliott

Yes, you can use a rug on your bamboo floor. Rugs can be great additions to any type of flooring, especially bamboo, as it can add warmth, comfort and a burst of colour.  Another great reason to use is rug is because they can help to protect your bamboo flooring from scratches, marks and dents.


Benefits of using a rug?

Here are some of the main benefits of using a rug:

  • It will provide you with a warm and comfortable area to walk and sit on.
  • A rug can add that extra bit of soft furnishing to complement your décor.
  • You can add bursts of colour into your room with a rug.
  • You can easily change your rug, which can completely change the look and feel of your room without redecorating.


Remember to move your rug around

You will need to move your rug around slightly on a regular basis.  When bamboo flooring is exposed to sunlight it can slightly change colour over time.  This process is not usually noticeable as it happens evenly across the whole of your floor.  However, where a rug is being used, over time there may be a mark where it has been sitting, as the remaining area of bamboo flooring fades changes colour.  We would recommend slightly moving or adjusting your rug every few weeks so that there are no definite colour variation marks in one particular place.

The greatest and most noticeable colour change of bamboo flooring tends to occur in the first two to three months of its installation.  With this in mind, it is probably best not to use a rug on a recently installed bamboo floor. 


Always clean underneath your rug

Whenever you sweep and clean your bamboo floor, always lift up the rug, and clean underneath it. If the surface of the bamboo is slightly damp after mopping it, then allow it to completely dry before replacing your rug.


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