Can I use underfloor heating with bamboo flooring?

Can I use underfloor heating with bamboo flooring?

Can I use underfloor heating with bamboo flooring?

This entry was posted on August 14, 2023 by sam elliott

Yes, you can use some types of bamboo flooring with underfloor heating.  All of our click fitting strand woven bamboo floors have been tested and are compatible with underfloor heating systems. Included in this range you have the choice of strand woven and engineered bamboo flooring, in a wide variety of colours. All you have to do is look out for the following symbol:

They have been specifically designed to withstand the fluctuations and changes in temperature that will occur throughout the day. 

If you are unsure which particular floors are compatible, then feel free to contact us, or pop into our showroom where all of our bamboo floors are on display.


What do I need to know about using underfloor heating with bamboo flooring?

• Preparation is essential - your subfloor must be level, dry and clean before installation begins.

• Make sure you turn off your underfloor heating system before you install your bamboo flooring.

• The bamboo needs to be heated evenly. This means that the whole room or area will need to have underfloor heating to allow the bamboo to expand and contract at the same rate across the day.

• If you have an underfloor heating system in screed, then it should be installed and running for at least seven days before you moisture test your subfloor and start to install your bamboo.

• Once your bamboo flooring is installed over the top of the underfloor heating system, the surface temperature of the bamboo should not exceed 26ºC.

• Always read the installation instructions and seek advice from a professional if you are unsure about anything.