Case Study - Warrington, Cheshire

Case Study - Warrington, Cheshire

Case Study - Warrington, Cheshire

This entry was posted on March 30, 2023 by sam elliott

Carbonised vertical bamboo flooring throughout a new
kitchen extension in a century old property.


Joanne chose to use sustainable bamboo flooring in her new kitchen extension.  Before deciding upon Carbonised Vertical Bamboo, Joanne looked at different tiles and various options of hardwood flooring.   Ideally, Joanne was “looking for a cheaper alternative to solid wood and really liked the look of bamboo flooring and its sustainability.” Carbonised vertical bamboo has a narrow grain pattern, which can add depth and length to your room.  The carbonised colour is created when the raw bamboo is smoked.  It gives a beautiful rich and warm brown colour which complements Joanne’s new kitchen perfectly.

Bamboo flooring is a fantastic alternative to hardwood flooring.  It has the same strength and durability, whilst also being a sustainable flooring product and at a cost-effective price.  Bamboo is a rapid growing grass that reaches maturity much quicker than hardwood trees.  It also has self-regenerating root, meaning that it continues to grow even after it has been harvested.  This helps to reduce deforestation and allows the bamboo to naturally re-grow ready for future abundant harvests.

Bamboo flooring is a great choice for a kitchen.  Not only is it a beautiful natural product, but it also has strength and durability, is easy to look after and can cope with the daily footfall of busy areas like kitchens. Joanne was grateful of the “excellent customer service from start to finish.”  Even her floor fitter was “really impressed with the flooring and how easy it was to fit.”

“I absolutely love the look of the bamboo flooring in my new kitchen extension.  The fact it is sustainable and eco-friendly is a big plus.  I would definitely use bamboo flooring in other areas of my home.”

Joanne, Warrington