T&G or Click Bamboo?

T&G or Click Bamboo?

This entry was posted on July 11, 2022 by sam elliott

When you are choosing a bamboo floor for your home you may be wondering whether to go for T&G or click fitting.  The difference between the two is the fitting profile on the edges of the planks of flooring.  T&G slots into each other, whereas click bamboo simply clicks together.


What is T&G bamboo?

T&G is an abbreviation of Tongue and Groove.  Each plank of bamboo flooring has one long and one short edge with a tongue (a sticking out edge).  Then it has one long edge and one short edge with a groove (an indented edge). During installation, you would slide the tongues into the grooves to create a tight and seamless fit. You can install T&G bamboo by either fixing the planks to the subfloor with adhesive or secret nails.  Alternatively, you can float it over an underlay, but you must glue the joints together for a tight and secure fit.  If you are installing parquet block bamboo with a T&G fitting, you must glue it down to the subfloor. 

What is click bamboo?

Click bamboo flooring has an easy to use click fitting system that has been specially designed to create a quick but effective fit. Each edge of the planks have this click system.  You simply click and lock the planks into place without the need for an adhesive. You will find click bamboo far more popular and versatile than T&G.  Most of our bamboo floors with a click fitting system can be used with underfloor heating systems too. 

Which one should I choose?

Now that you know a bit more about each flooring you can hopefully decide which is the most suitable for you. Here is a quick recap:

• You can float both over an underlay or fix down to the subfloor

• Click bamboo requires less skill and equipment

• You can use click bamboo with underfloor heating

• Both T&G or click bamboo create a beautiful seamless and gap free floor

• You cannot tell the difference between the two once installed

• Once installed both are easy to look after

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