Why choose Silver Bam Underlay?

Why choose Silver Bam Underlay?

This entry was posted on February 6, 2020 by chris elliott

Silver Bam underlay is one of our favourite underlay products.  It provides support to the flooring whilst reducing noise from the floor when walked on.  It can be used with all of our bamboo floors except bamboo parquet block which needs fixing to the subfloor.

Its technical specifications are as follows:

• 3mm in thickness

• 9 tog rating for thermal insulation

• 21 dB for impact sound insulation


When would I need to use Silver Bam underlay?

If you wish to float your bamboo floor then you will need an underlay to do this.  All of our bamboo floors can be floated (except parquet bamboo), but you will need a solid, flat, level and dry subfloor first.  If you would like more information on preparing your subfloor, please read the following: Preparing your subfloor for bamboo flooring. Floating your floor is one of the quickest and easiest ways to install bamboo. The underlay acts as a cushion between the subfloor and the bamboo. 

Silver Bam is a great choice because it is cost effective, provides general sound insulation and helps with heat protection in the room. Although the underlay itself is silver, the colour does not make any difference to the properties of the product.  Just make sure that the silver side is facing up when you roll out the underlay.  


What alternatives are there?

Silver Bam underlay is considered a standard underlay for general use.  If, however, you are looking for a more thermal resistance, look for an underlay with a higher tog rating. Similarly, if you require more sound insulation look for an underlay with a higher decibel (dB) rating. Alternatively, if you have underfloor heating, you should use an underlay that has been specifically designed to allow the transfer of heat through to your floor.  Have a look at our range of Underfloor Heating Underlay.  

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