Will a steam mop ruin my bamboo floor?

Will a steam mop ruin my bamboo floor?

This entry was posted on April 22, 2022 by sam elliott

Yes, a steam mop could ruin your bamboo floor.  Many people think that using a steam mop is a quick, easy and hygienic way of making sure your floor is thoroughly clean.  Steam mops are great on tiles or ceramic but can cause irreparable damage on wood or bamboo.

There are some great cleaning products for bamboo floors, you just need to make sure you are using the right ones!  


Why can’t I use a steam mop on my bamboo floor?

Bamboo flooring is hard wearing and resilient, but it is not waterproof.  The steam and water from a steam mop will eventually penetrate into the bamboo floor and cause damage.  Bamboo is a natural product, like wood, which adapts to its surroundings. When there is moisture in the air, the bamboo will absorb some of that and swell slightly.  This will be a similar case with the steam from a mop.  Over time you may start to notice discoloration, warping and planks lifting up. This damage may become irreparable, and your bamboo floor will need replacing. 


What should I use to clean my bamboo floor?

We would recommend using a pH neutral cleaning solution and mop with a micro-fibre head.  Our top recommendation would be to use: Bona Spray Mop.  This is an amazing mop with the following benefits:

Firstly, it has a built-in spray handle on the mop, which has a soft trigger.

• It also has a built in, re-fillable cleaning solution, which is pH neutral.

• The cleaning solution is ready to use, so no need for measuring or mixing.

• The microfibre pads are removable and machine washable. You can get different pads for dusting and cleaning your floor.

• Finally, the mop has an ergonomic head which will easily reach into difficult areas of you room.