Find out more about distressed bamboo floors

Find out more about distressed bamboo floors

Find out more about distressed bamboo floors

This entry was posted on July 12, 2023 by sam elliott

Distressed bamboo flooring just means that the surface of the planks has a distressed or textured feel.  This has been done during the manufacturing stage, where the planks of flooring have been distressed to create a more rustic appearance. 


Why should I choose distressed flooring?

Distressed bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a characteristic but still natural looking floor. The added distress marks have been created during the production of the flooring to add imperfections which complement the natural beauty of the bamboo flooring. Layers of matt lacquer are then added to the surface to give the bamboo protection and strength.  This means that as soon as you have installed your floor it is ready to use straight away.

Here are some great reasons to choose distressed bamboo flooring:

• Bamboo flooring is a sensible and sustainable choice.

• The distress markings give your floor extra character and charm.

• You will find it easy to clean and look after.

• It has a click fitting system so is easy to install.

• Strand woven distressed bamboo is over twice as hard as Oak flooring.

• You can use it with underfloor heating.

• It is extremely versatile and can be used in almost any room in your home.

distressed bamboo plank



• There are different colour options available.


Stone Grey



Antique Taupe

Granite Grey



What will it look like?

Here are some examples of what distressed bamboo flooring could look like in your home:


Granite Grey


Autumn Hazelnut