Matt Lacquered Bamboo Flooring

All bamboo flooring needs protective layers adding to the surface to protect it from daily wear and tear, water spills and dents and scratches.  A bamboo floor that has a matt lacquer means that it has a very natural appearance.  The lacquer has not changed the colour or texture of the bamboo flooring in any way.  It is there purely to provide additional strength and protection to the surface.  Some of the floors may even have an anti-slip matt lacquer applied. By lacquering the surface of the bamboo flooring, it adds strength and defensive coatings to help the floor to deal with daily wear and tear.  It also makes it easier to clean and look after.  As the flooring has already had protective top coats added to the planks of the bamboo flooring, it is ideal for anyone that wants to use the flooring as soon as it has been installed.  It is ready to walk on as soon as the installation process is complete.


Why should I choose matt lacquered bamboo flooring?

A matt lacquered bamboo floor is great if you want a floor that has been sufficiently protected and strengthened, without changing the natural beauty and charm of the grain pattern of the bamboo.  Some of the bamboo floors with a matt lacquered surface, also have anti-slip properties and UV protection.


Adding the finishing touches to your room

To add the finishing touches to your matt lacquered bamboo flooring, we have an extensive range of matching Bamboo Flooring Accessories. These include everything you will need to complete the look of your room: door bars, thresholds, pipe covers and stair nosing. 

We also stock a full range of Cleaning and Maintenance products, which will help you to look after your bamboo floor and keep it looking fresh and new for many years to come. For tips on caring for your bamboo floor, read our Bamboo Flooring Care Guide.


Are there any alternatives available?

If you are still not sure about which flooring finish to choose for your bamboo, then why not have a look at Distressed Bamboo Flooring or Satin-Matt Lacquered Bamboo Flooring.

Here are some links to our most popular types of bamboo flooring:

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Further help and advice

If you would like any further help or advice about any of our bamboo floors, or flooring accessories, then we are more than happy to help if you either contact our sales office or come into our showroom


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