Commercial Use Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for a commercial property.  It will provide a naturally sophisticated floor covering that is not only strong, durable and hardwearing, but also eco-friendly and sustainable.  You will have to use strand woven bamboo flooring in a commercial property, as this has the extra strength and stability to withstand the high footfall expected with busy areas.  For further information, have a look at our blog article: Can bamboo flooring be used in commercial properties.


Why should I choose bamboo for my commercial property?

There are countless advantages to bamboo flooring and many reasons why it is a good type of flooring for commercial properties. Firstly, you will be using a natural product that is strong enough to cope with busy areas. Strand woven bamboo flooring is one of the hardest natural floor coverings and is over twice as hard as Oak flooring. It has been specifically designed and created for is strength and dimensional stability, which means that it can be used in almost any room in versatile ways.  For more information, have a look through: The benefits of strand woven bamboo flooring. Within our commercial bamboo flooring range you will be able to find floors that are different colours, styles and have varying plank sizes. There is sure to be something to suit the needs of your project.


Are there any matching flooring accessories?

Yes, we sell a full and comprehensive range of matching bamboo flooring accessories which will help you to complete the look of any space.  We should have everything you need to install your floor, add the finishing touches to the room and then maintain the bamboo once it has been installed.


What is the best way to install bamboo in commercial properties?

When installing a bamboo floor in a commercial property we recommend that you fix it securely in position using either a flexible flooring adhesive or secret nails or screws.  This is to provide the floor with the strength it will need to deal with the added pressure of busy areas.


How do I maintain the bamboo floor?

Once the bamboo flooring has been installed it is relatively easy to maintain.  In busy areas aim to sweep and clean at least once a day with a soft brush, followed by a cleaning mop and a wooden floor cleaning spray. For more advice on cleaning and tips on how to prevent scratches and damage, please see our Bamboo Flooring Care Guide.


Further help and advice

For any further help or advice about using our bamboo flooring in a commercial property, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Alternatively pop along to our showroom where all of our bamboo floors are on display.

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