15mm Bamboo Flooring

15mm thick bamboo flooring is the thickest type of bamboo that we offer.  It is popular as it has a solid format and unique grain patterns of either horizontal or vertical bamboo. As you would imagine, bamboo flooring that is 15mm thick, means precisely that; the total thickness of the bamboo flooring is 15mm from top to bottom.


Why should I choose 15mm thick bamboo flooring?  

If you are looking for a bamboo floor that reflects the natural bamboo characteristics in its grain pattern, then 15mm bamboo flooring is ideal for you.  You have the choice of either a horizontal bamboo, which has a wider and more evident grain. Or you could opt for vertical bamboo, which has a very narrow and thin grain pattern.  There is also a choice of colour, either natural bamboo or a darker carbonised bamboo.

All of our 15mm bamboo flooring has the traditional tongue and groove fitting system and the floor itself is durable, hard wearing and easy to look after. It is important to remember that the thickness of the planks of flooring bear no resemblance to how the flooring will look once it is installed.  You should choose the colour and style of flooring that you prefer.  Also, the thickness does not determine how strong the planks of flooring are – this is determined by the way the planks have been constructed and the style of flooring.


How do I maintain 15mm bamboo flooring?

As with any thickness of bamboo flooring, 15mm bamboo is extremely easy to clean and look after.  Once it has been installed you will want to ensure that it is not scratched or dented.  Simple actions like removing outdoor footwear and applying felt protector pads to the bottom of furniture can help with this.  Read our blog article for more information: Maintaining the Beauty and Shine of Bamboo Floors.

When it comes to cleaning your bamboo floor, this is also straight forward.  Sweep away dust and dirt with a soft bristle brush and the use a PH neutral cleaning spray and mop to remove any dirt.  We have a full range of cleaning products and tips on looking after your bamboo floor in our Care Guide.


Are there any alternatives available?

Yes, we have bamboo flooring in a few different thicknesses.  Here are some links: 10mm Bamboo Flooring | 12mm Bamboo Flooring | 14mm Bamboo Flooring

Alternatively, here are some of our most popular types of bamboo flooring:

Solid Bamboo Flooring | Engineered Bamboo Flooring | Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring | Parquet Block Bamboo Flooring | Distressed Bamboo Flooring | Bamboo Flooring for Underfloor Heating | Bamboo Flooring for Commercial Use | Click Fitting Bamboo Flooring | T&G Bamboo Flooring


Further help and advice

For further technical advice or guidance about any of our bamboo floor or bamboo flooring products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We also have showrooms in three locations that have all of our bamboo floors on display, and you can order free samples of flooring from the website.


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